Ludeon Forums. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. I've ran some numbers here that everyone should know about, and here's the conclusion taken: Flak Jackets suck. Yes, they do. You should never, ever equip your colonists with a flak jacket. There are very few exceptions where the reverse is true, and I'll run them down for you. Explaining now why. Dusters cover one additional body part that Flak Jackets don't: legs.

Your precious legs will have a little better chance at surviving scythers and even charge lance shots. And I'll detail why below. But this is irrelevant since your legs will be protected. How protected, you ask? Not huge, but can definately mean something if RNG is in your favor. And now in 1. Continuing: we know Heavy Fur dusters are nearly equivalent to Flak Jackets but protect the legs, considering equal quality.

What else? Rhino leather makes it better all-around. Thrumbofurs make Dusters an equivalent of a Steel Plate Armor, with no movement speed penalties and allowing to equip a Flak Vest on top of it for additional torso protection. Devilstrand is even a notch better than Rhino leather, making it a renewable, growable source of material that can outclass flak jackets entirely. With this in mind, what is the goal of this post?

To remind everyone that yes, 1.Overlapping solid plates of armor covering the entire body from neck to feet. Plate armor is a type of apparel armor that functions as low-tech full body armor. It can be crafted out of various materials. It has a heavy move speed penalty of As such, it may be wise to leave it in a stockpile until entering combat. Can be crafted at a Fueled smithyonce Plate armor has been researched. Requires work baseline, and a minimum of 7 crafting skill.

It can also be found on high ranking Tribals. Compared to other forms of armor, plate has the most severe movement penalty, at It generally provides better blunt and heat protection, but less sharp protection. Plate also tends to be cheaper to make in terms of materials, but has less base durability.

This can be mitigated by making it with more durable materials, such as plasteel. It also provides more blunt and heat protection, but less so for sharp. It lasts shorter than flak, as it has hp, compared to a total of hp for flak. Its movement penalty is heavier at A set of Plasteel plate armor is slightly cheaper than a set of marine armor. It provides more heat and blunt protection, but less for sharp. One major advantage of the Plasteel plate armor is that, having hp, it lasts much longer than the marine armor, which only has hp.

Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality. From RimWorld Wiki. Plate armor. Category : Armor. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. This page was last edited on 26 Aprilat In Rimworldpawns are often under attack by wild animals, robots, or raids from other factions. When you first start out, you will probably only have some simple clothing to give your colonists. While clothing does provide some protection against the elements and damage, it does not provide the ultimate protection armor can.

The main benefit to giving your pawns armor is that they have a chance of outright avoiding all damage, or receive only half the damage from an attack. Rimworld has a variety of different armor types and combinations so we compiled a guide to tell you what the best armor in Rimworld is. In Rimworld, each piece of clothing and armor has stats. The types of damage are all pretty self-explanatory. Blunt damage is damage from clubs, explosions, or roof collapses.

Piercing damage is damage from bullets, sharp melee weapons like the gladius or long sword, and animal bites.

rimworld plate armor vs flak

Each piece of armor gives the player added armor ratings for the above categories. Armor and damage are a little wacky in Rimworld but easy once you understand it. The formula for deciding whether the armor negates damage, negates half, or has no effect is as follows. This means any random number from will be fully negated.

Any number from will result in the damage getting halved and any number above 82 will not be reduced or negated. So in with a random roll of 56, the pawn will take half damage from the attack. This is how all damage in the game works. This can only be obtained for heat damage in vanilla Rimworld. That being said, rushing flak research or at least prioritizing it after getting the essentials should be at the top of your list. Early pawns with a flak vest and flak pants are near invulnerable until the later stages of the game.

The best armor setup you can feasibly obtain in the early stages of Rimworld is a combination of the following:. Here is the best armor in vanilla Rimworld:.

Give your pawns bionic body parts and you can make them invulnerable. One uncommon and sometimes unknown piece of armor in Rimworld that a lot of players fail to utilize are psychic foil helmets.

At silver, this helmet should be a definitive pickup late game to help any pawns with psychic sensitivity you may have picked up along the way. Figuring out what the best armor in Rimworld is can seem complex at first, but once you understand the armor rating system and different types of damage, it becomes easy.

Early and mid-game you should focus on crafting flak armor for your colonists while in the late game bionic enhancements and marine armor will always reign supreme.

A proper killbox can make it so that your colonist never have to even stand in the path of a bullet! Home Tips. Armor can be worn over clothing and comes with a number of pros and cons. What is Armor Rating in Rimworld?

Heat damage is damage from a fire or flame related weapons like the molotov cocktail. Subtract the armor penetration of the weapon from the armor value.

Generate a random number from If the random number is under half the armor rating, the damage is negated. If the random number is over half the armor rating, but not higher than the total, the damage is halved. And If the random number is higher than the armor rating, the armor has no effect.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Perfect Warrior vs 18 Naked Nobodies - Is Armor Broken? (RimWorld Versus / Duel)

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. RimWorld Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Recon is also much more durable, so it lasts a lot longer before you need to make another one.

Recon also covers the limbs while the vest doesn't and it provides much better protection to the limbs than the jacket. Even a devilstrand duster provides better protection than flak jackets. Personally I don't bother with flak jackets I just use the vests. Last edited by gachi is manly ; 8 Mar am. Do you know a way i can change priorities so they will wear recon over flak, without disabling flak completely?

Rimworld Plate Armor Vs Flak

Last edited by rav ; 8 Mar am. That way I save my advanced components for marine armor instead of recon. Originally posted by rav :. Last edited by Hawk Eye ; 8 Mar am. Cormac View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Cormac ; 8 Mar pm. Think I'd mention this just in case. The Recon armor is great for your Hunters and Snipers not your front line troops.Ludeon Forums. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Author Topic: [1.

Rimworld Plate Armor Vs Flak

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rimworld plate armor vs flak

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Support Powers. Campaign Units. Campaign Buildings. Items in italics are heroes and epic units Items in bold are superweapons.A vest with armor plates inserted on the chest and back.

While quite effective at deflecting gunshots and stabbing attacks against the chest, it does nothing to protect the limbs. They also reduce movement speed by 0. The vest protects torso, neck and shoulders. Flak vests can be purchased from traders, manufactured, or stripped from Outlanders and Pirates. Flak vests are typically encountered after the third or fourth raid, depending on difficulty and wealth this assumes Rough and Crashlanded scenario, so somewhat 'standard' wealth.

Additionally, they can be manufactured at a machining tableonce flak armor has been researched. A flak vest requires 60 steel, 30 cloth, 1 component, and seconds of work 20, ticks to be created, assuming baseline global work speed and no enhancements or hindrances to consciousnesssightor manipulation. Flak vests provide good protection for a very small decrease in movement. Protecting the heart and lungs and liver can be game-changing. They offer slightly inferior protection, and vastly inferior coverage compared to marine armorbut are also significantly cheaper to produce and purchase.

They also only occupy the middle layer, meaning that overgarments such as dusters may be worn over the top, whereas marine armor occupies both the middle and shell layers so they cannot be worn with the armor. The Flak vest can be worn together with a Flak Jacket, so you do not have to choose one or the other. The jacket is identical to the vest, except it also protects arms and occupies the outer layer instead of middle layer.

Prior to Beta 19, it used to be called the Armor vest. It was much more expensive and did not protect against heat. From RimWorld Wiki.

rimworld plate armor vs flak

Flak vest. Category : Armor. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

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